When landing on Planet Sink The Pink, please be aware that you will be required to present ONE of the following:

- An NHS COVID Pass (available through the NHS app not the NHS COVID-19 app)

- Proof of a negative lateral flow or PCR test result (taken within 36 hours of arrival at the event)

- Proof of a positive PCR test (at least 180 days ago + 10 days isolation following the positive result)


If you test positive for COVID-19 before the event and can no longer attend, you will need to contact your ticket provider with proof of your positive result.


Refunds or credit are only available at your ticket providers discretion, please see below for the refund policy.


Refunds will be given to customers in the following circumstances only:


1) They have received a positive result for COVID-19 after taking a PCR test within 36 hrs of the event. The customer must log their test and positive result here:

...and provide evidence of this being logged. A screenshot will be acceptable proof.


2) They have received a text/email/phone call from NHS track and trace and have been told to self-isolate. The customer must submit (i) proof of the email/text they have received from the NHS track and trace team or (ii) proof that they were called by the NHS (to do this they will need to go to to speak with a member of the contact tracing team to get confirmation. A screenshot of either will be acceptable proof.


3) They have been pinged by the NHS Covid-19 app and told to self-isolate. The customer must submit a screenshot/photo of the isolation message from their app showing the dates of isolation.


4) They are in a government ordered lockdown area or country and are therefore unable to attend the concert.


5) Their child’s class has had an outbreak of COVID-19 and their child has been told to quarantine for 2 weeks and therefore they and/or their child are unable to attend the concert. The customer must submit a dated letter or email from their child’s school informing you of the outbreak.


We will not provide a refund if the customer cannot provide evidence of any of the above or in the following circumstances. 


1) They have gone on holiday & then once out of England (or the UK), they are told that they must quarantine on arrival back into England (or the UK).


2) They are not willing to attend an event where an approved form of certification is required (certification covers 3 options (i) vaccination; (ii) negative test; and (iii) natural immunity).


1) Customer must contact the point of purchase prior to the event

2) Customer has 14 days to provide correct evidence from the date of the show


1) The customer may be required to submit further supporting evidence in order to

verify their claim (as required by relevant venue / promoter / ticket agent).


2) Refunds must be requested by the card holder and any approved refunds can only be refunded directly to the card holder.


Personal arrangements including, but not limited to, travel, subsistence and accommodation relating to the event are at the customers own risk and AEG Presents shall not be liable for any losses incurred from personal arrangements or wasted expenditure beyond the ticket refund.


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